1. ruckawriter:

    Just one more thing…

    If Columbo is investigating you, but Perry Mason has taken you on as a client, how does it end?

    I think you’d need some help from Jessica Fletcher.

  2. geeksofdoom:

    So, he’s going to play a dinosaur? =P

    Vincent D’Onofrio Cast As Villain In ‘Jurassic World

    I want D’Onofrio cast as Perry Mason in a TV reboot!

  3. Yes, please. But with a DVD player and a stack of TV show seasons.

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  4. mildviolence:

    1980 NBC Promo

  5. freshest-tittymilk:



    Pretentious Dumbass.

    Pretentious Dumbass, indeed. I hate people who are condescending about owing a television. Fuck you.

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